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Here at The Ripple Effect, we are driven to do our very best to support people, arriving in Europe, who have been displaced through conflict.

We have built a team of volunteers who are working with local, national and international voluntary organisations to safely and swiftly provide aid for those who have lost everything and now have little to call their own.


Get Involved

Volunteers are always welcome to help collect and sort aid.

We would also be grateful to anyone who can help plan and organise any fund raising events, regardless of how large or small.

Every penny counts.

Why not get in touch with us and ask how you can be part of our success story?


Thank You

Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you. 

Thank You!


There are many people that stepped in to help us when starting this venture, in particular local businesses and we feel it is important to acknowledge their support and expertise in helping us to take our charity to where it is now. They have been amazingly supportive and we want to thank them from the bottom of our hearts.

Supportive Companies

GF Property Sales in Bare, Morecambe

 GF Property Sales in Bare, Morecambe have been with us since day one! They donated new trainers, joggers, sweatshirts and socks when we went on our first and what we thought would be our only trip to Lesvos in January 2016. Their moral support at that time was also invaluable. They then gave us the use of their adjacent shop in Princes Crescent, Bare, Morecambe for about six months where we were able to receive donations, store and sort our aid. Their office continues to be a drop off point for donations and they very patiently accept people dropping in and leaving items until they can be moved into our store. 

Thank you so much to all at “GF”. 

GF Property Sales in  Bare, Morecambe

GF Property Sales in  Bare, Morecambe

S J Bargh Group


S J Bargh Ltd of Caton were very quick to respond to our needs when we first embarked on this venture They palletised our very first batch of aid ready for it to set off on it's journey to Lesvos. We had no experience of this industry at that time and they were so supportive, guiding us along the way. Since then it's been a seamless operation thanks to their support. They continue to collect our aid and deliver it to the international hauliers, often at short notice yet always understanding our needs. They even store pallets of our aid in their warehouse until they are ready to set off on their journey. How we could have managed without their expertise we just don't know. 

Thank you to all at S J Bargh Ltd.


S J Bargh Group Caton

S J Bargh Group Caton

Supported by Big Yellow Self Storage Morecambe

 Just when we thought we were as fortunate as we could be, along came Armadillo Self Storage on White Lund in Morecambe. We were amazed. They offered a storage unit free of charge to assist with our charitable work. We now wonder how we would manage without it as our charity continues to grow! Aid is stored and sorted there prior to being palletised. Being able to drop off donated goods into a secure area until we are able to sort it makes our entire project flow more efficiently. We really appreciate their friendly and helpful advice when we are there and all of the staff are always exceptionally pleasant. 

Thank You

Big Yellow Self Storage.  Storage for homes and business

Big Yellow Self Storage.  Storage for homes and business

Typhoo Tea Wirral


One of the requests on the Refugee needs list was tea. We contacted the Tyhoo Tea factory located in Wirral, Merseyside. Very quickly we received a response from Danny McGrail the Operations Manager.  Within a few days we received 3 full boxes filled with 2,880 teabags. Not long after we received another delivery, this time another 4 boxes filled with 22,800 tea bags. So, in total we received over 25,000 tea bags. This was amazing and very much appreciated, especially by the Refugees. We have continued to be in contact with Danny and he has told us he is happy to help us when we send aid for the refugees in the future. 

A big thank you to Danny and all staff at Typhoo tea. 

Ty.phoo Tea factory Wirral Merseyside

Ty.phoo Tea factory Wirral Merseyside

SQ Digital


We want to acknowledge the amazing support we have been receiving from 

SQ Digital, the award winning digital marketing agency based in Lancaster.

Many of the media posts that appear on our Facebook page are the result of the efforts of SQ Digital, who offered us their virtual resources to help us further our cause and spread our message. We are extremely grateful for their expertise in presenting these in such a professional manner.

In addition, they ensure our message appears in many newspapers and journals, reaching an audience we could never expect to reach without their support.

Many, many thanks SQ Digital from all of us here at The Ripple Effect, we are extremely grateful.


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